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Thread: HowTo Draw and Animal Channel

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    HowTo Draw and Animal Channel

    Hello everyone i started 24th november 2012 when i got my first 2 chinchillas and started the channel the same day. The name is broken down from chinchillas (chin), media (for film) and HD (high definition).

    So far i am partnered with Creatorx a sub network to Fullscreen.
    Since the start of the christmas holiday i started doing drawing videos for a challenge to do daily videos.

    here is my best one in my opinion:

    I have done so far: Minions (Despicable Me), Blossom (Powerpuff Girls), Pikachu, Pichu and a couple of others.
    The most popular video out of them is the minions video.

    I am hoping to do giveaways too in the future when i get around 300.
    i hope you like these videos and especially my adorable chins!

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    Hi, I just commented on your video of Gargamel. Quite good, congrats! I also subscribed to your channel, maybe you could do the same (!

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    I hope it's okay to post here...but I have an how to draw art channel as well! Will check out your video.. Here's an example from my channel on how to draw an ice cream cone!
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