here is from my friends go fund me page

Hi there, My name is Kayla, I am a mother, an artist.. and I am chronically ill, with an illness that currently has no cure or end in sight. I am frequently hospitalized for malnutritionment, dehydration, exhaustion, severe pain, and high eosinophils counts. I was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos syndrome, which is my route of all evil, the reason behind the other comorbidities. Eds has led my gastrointestinal tract down a rough path, my mesenteric artery is currently crushing my small bowel.. not allowing much food to digest, which makes me vomit, my digestion slows to the point of paralysis, which is called gastroparesis.. With the gastroparesis, cyclical vomiting, and superior mesenteric artery crushing my small bowel, it has caused small bowel crohns disease. All of this is absolutely agonizing and has left me unable to work and scraping by every month. I am not one to ask for much but I am purely exhausted. These diseases will be my demise eventually, they're currently limiting me more and more daily... Any small amount helps. Starving for a cure.

I made a video for her