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Thread: My YT Acct Blocked Due to Hate Speach and Hacking ?

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    My YT Acct Blocked Due to Hate Speach and Hacking ?

    Youtube previously emailed me about copyright and hate speach complaints, I have four German newsreels from World War 2 with images of American POWs I posted for research purposes. YT then decided in my favor, then on 5 Jun 2019 Youtube blocked my access to my paid account claiming hate speach, then denied that and say my account is blocked because it was hacked and YT/Google wants $200 to unblock it. I'm blocked from using or cancelling my account.

    What should I do?

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    con't - The other thing weird about this

    The other thing weird about this is that today I spent 45 mins on the phone with them telling me I had to download and install some program from them to assure a secure access so they can see what they sent me previously in the emails. On the phone I had to run some run command and look for something in the windows files to delete. I disconnected them when I saw they were remotely logging into my email account. The number I reached them at is listed on my credit card account charges for the Youtube premium account I pay for.

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