In order to get more views and grow your youtube channel, You have to follow each step respectively.

And yes, you have to do so respectively.

#1. Optimize your Video for watch time

This is one of the most important. Youtube has already said that the more watch time your video gets, the more it gets promoted and shown higher in searches.

Here is how you can improve your watch time.
  • Hook in your users’ interest within the first 15 seconds.
  • Use more pattern interrupts in your video all along.

#2. Optimize CTR on your Video

Just like the watch time, the CTR of your video is important as well. Also if you get a better CTR the more your video gets promoted across youtube and ranks higher in searches.

Here is how you can improve your video CTR.

#3. Generate more Engagement

Getting more engagement not just gets you more views through video suggestion and searches. They also help your channel to grow further.

This is how you can generate more engagement from your videos.
  • Tell them to like your video several times within your video.
  • Ask them questions across your video to answer in the comments.
  • Tell them to subscribe to your channel and the benefits they are getting from it.

#4. Optimize video Title, Description & TAG

Best practice for the title.
  • Start the title with the keyword.
  • Use power words, numbers and brackets.

Best practice for Description.
  • Include your keyword within the first 50 words.
  • Keep closely related terms in the first paragraph and keep it less than 120 words.
  • Write a 300-350 words mini blog post for your video description.
  • Include your target keyword 3–5 times in that 300-350 words content.

Best Practice for TAG.
  • Use the exact target keyword at the beginning. (Ex: Video SEO).
  • Include two or three keywords closely related to the target keyword (ex: Youtube SEO, video SEO strategy, rank youtube videos).
  • Include the keywords broadly related to the focus keyword (ex: Content marketing, youtube channel, SEO, digital marketing).


After you have optimized your videos. It might take a while to see the huge result since your video needs to generate enough signals.

You can promote your youtube video in various other platforms in order to generate signals and quickly boost your views on youtube.

Hope that helped you.