Hello bros and gals. My name is FireAngel64. I'm posting this on damnlag to say to all who check this out hello and let me tell you just abit about myself.

I am a huge loving gamer, I've been playing video games almost all my life, from my little DSI I had when I was 4 all the way to my playstaion console I hold dear to my heart that iv'e been playing on since I was a kid. I really love action pact games with an open world for me to step in destroy, conquer, and have fun in. I am 16 and a softmore in high school currently, and strive to get my diploma.

I have a YouTube channel i'm starting revolved mostly around gaming montages where I take the best parts of my clips and put them together to make a wacky, entertaining compilation that my viewers can look at and enjoy.

My favorite Video games are

-Assassins creed (series)
- Uncharted (series)
-The Elder scrolls: Skyrim
- Call of duty
-Gta 5
-God of war
-The Witcher 3
- Watch Dogs 2

Instagram: fireangel64

That's all iv'e got to share for you guys and gals XD.