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Thread: New Channel New member!

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    Wink New Channel New member!

    Hi Everyone!!

    My names Chris!! I've just started a new channel with my best friend where we upload reaction videos together and podcasts. we have posted 2 videos already the new channel and looking to post videos every week we also want to make it a really interactive channel for other people so if you want to ever suggest a great top 10 we could cover please leave ideas in the comments we also will be doing different styles of videos that will be uploaded within the next month!!!! Also one of the videos has some nudity in it and some of the conversation some people may find offensive but its all in good nature

    Link to our new Channel: UCLpdGs2rZMKFtf71hPKy1zQ

    Look forward to connecting with other youtubers and people with a shared love of creating content!!
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