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Thread: Hello I am new here.

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    Hello I am new here.

    Hello everyone I am a 32 year old nerd and gamer. I been playing video games since i was a kid and don't plan to stop. Currently I am not working so in between job hunting I play video games mostly recording content for my 2 YouTube channels and livestreaming on my twitch. This is my passion as well as my main hobby, I love the video game industry and playing video games is my main stress reliever. Yes I would love to turn my passion into what I do for a living but more importantly I do YouTube and twitch because I love it. I love sharing my fun and silly video game experiences and to help others along the way. Nothing is handed to me I always have to work hard in my life no matter what so i just try to improve on myself and more all the time.

    I joined this forum in hopes to help others through sharing my content and more. The more being to meet new people, make new friends and network and collaborate. I'm always open to advice and constructive feedback so I can make all my channels better for my audience because without my fans there is no point of doing this. If I'm ever able to makes this into what I do for a living I would give back to my fans even more for all their support because its important to put others before yourself and show your audience you care. On top of that none of us can make it alone in our dreams and goals in life.

    Some more fun facts about me is my favorite food is chicken and my favorite color is blue. I am a big anime fan and have a huge game collection including a mix of anime and game collectables. I play almost any game as long as its fun and have a PS4 Pro, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, gaming PC and Nintendo 3ds so yea I am a hardcore gamer lol. My main YouTube channel is called Realchamp85 and focuses on Action Adventure, RPG & Horror game content. As for my 2nd YouTube channel is called Mike The Champ and focuses on Fighting, FPS & Moba game content but in both channels I include game reviews and helpful videos such as collectbles and tip videos for the completionist types like myself.

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    Hello realchamp, welcome here. What is your most favorite game's name.

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