Hello, Everyone!

I'd like to introduce you all to an awesome new community that has just opened it's doors for Creators! We help promote, support and inspire Creators by working along side them to ensure they have all the tools necessary to not only grow their audience, but thrive as a Creator. We have many different types of Creators within our community that all create many different things. Having a wide variety of Creators makes it fun and easy to connect with and reach out to other Creators. This also makes it extremely easy to you find help when you need it, whether it be needing help with music, artwork, streaming... We have it all! We also help creators find Brand Sponsors to ensure their content is properly protected and find great discounts on all the thing they need and want! I'm sure by now you're asking youself, how do I join? Well, it's as simple as joining our Discord, visiting our Forums or tagging us on Twitter, and asking for help! We'll never ask that you sign a contract and we'll never ask you to hand over rights to your content.

You can check us out at: https://finixgrid.com and join us at: https://discordapp.com/invite/97pYtzA