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Thread: Intro about Me

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    Intro about Me

    Hello world! I am Mike Martino ...AKA Jemuhni. My world revolves around music. I make music and/or listen to music all day. The main point of my channel is to spread the music I create to the world. I have my debut album out on my channel now but I really enjoy doing covers or even more so covers that are MASH UPS of 2 different songs. Especially songs that wouldn't seem like they fit but if you take a minute to listen they totally do! lol

    I play a bunch of different instruments, I started my 1st instrument (saxophone) in 4th grade and had my 1st love in 6th grade (the drums). I play all the instruments on my album, and singing and produced all the songs myself. Over the past few years I really got into the production side of music so I could produce songs in my own studio that sound professional quality. Every day I try to learn something new and I think my musical releases reflect that progression (from a production stand point).

    My main interests besides music are drawing, martial arts, super heroes (Comic books & CUs) and overall living healthy/staying in shape!
    As for the kind of music I like I literally will give anything a shot and I wind up liking most stuff. Good music is just good music. I was thinking about listing some of my favorite artists but the list would just go on for sooo long haha. SO instead I'll just listen some of the artists I've been bumping in my car this week.
    - Arctic Monkeys
    - G-Eazy
    - Alt-J
    - Nina Simone
    - Jon Bellion
    - Twenty One Pilots
    - Miguel
    - Dave Matthews Band
    - Mura Masa
    - Outkast
    .....So yeah, maybe that'll give people and idea, If you love those artists too definitely hit me up I love talkin to people who dig music like I do haha

    My main reason for joining CyberStar is to find other Music Artists (and also any type of YouTubers) that want to collaborate. And spread music throughout the world

    Check out my channel here:

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    Junior Member Starstruck Wannabe Annadrawingchannel is on a distinguished road
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    Hi! I'm Anna from Anna's Drawing Channel. I love to draw and have drawing videos on my channel. I started doing a drawing tutorials such as this one
    (on how to draw a cartoon book)

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