I am WoeyJhaley and I am starting a YouTube channel. It is dedicated to the PC gaming and gaming community. But, I am no ordinary Minecrafter. I strive to become the best in whatever I do. I am on leaderboards in Minecraft, and I have made it to high solo rounds on zombies. And GTA... well I crashed my car in to a bridge, but I don't care (Let's not get in to that ) Back to the main point. I will do a variety of games. I will play with you, and I will give tips on how to better at what you do! Want me to play a specific game? Tell me in the comment section of my videos! I will do my best to play whatever game you want me to! I have a few series up, but those are for you to see and me not to tell

Thank you for reading my thread. If you are interested in WoeyJhaley, a link will be posted down below. Once again, thank you It really means a lot.

WoeyJhaley - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQs..._8YG478g9Sfi-A