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  1. Funny Dynamic Duo Stream with Yu #NoClutch and ML_Jeep

    If you like funny conversation and two friends making history in coop gaming. Then check out my twitch at

    Check out my VOD or come to my youtube channel and check...
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    FTB NoobCraft with Yu and Jeep

    Do you like watching noob play minecraft? do you like two people arguing about who is right even though they are probably both wrong? or do you like a pair of duo just talk about random stuff while...
  3. Uncharted 4 Lets play with Yu - Part 1 The Thief's End.

    Join me on another adventure with Nathan Drake.
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    Don't play online game if you lag! with yu

    Another reason you don't play online games when you are using a shitty computer and lagging like hell.
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    I am Alive Highlights - RIP GRANDMA

    Watch my encounter with the grandma of I am Alive.
  6. The Culling with Yu and Jeep, Watch a person can beat and rob on the street.

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    Splinter Cell Backup Agents with Yu.

    Always test your gears before you play this game.
  8. Learn to trust your teammate in Splinter Cell Blacklist Coop with Yu.

    Trusting your partner is important, watch me rely on my partner do the dirty work in this episode of Backup Agents.
  9. WHAT? is going on with Yu @ Splinter Cell Blacklist Coop.

    Backup Agents have return for more blacklist missions, come check out how to play this game the hard way.
  10. The final showdown in Splinter Cell Conviction with Yu

    The final chapter of Conviction between these two agents, who will live, and who will die.
  11. Splinter Cell Funny Highlight with Yu #NoClutch

    It is time to finish the game, but it took more time than we thought.
  12. Outbreak of Crime in This War of Mine with Yu episode 11.

    Crime is breaking out, it is time to fortified our home and invade others.
  13. Meet Franko the Merchant with Yu in This War of Mine.

    I am always happy when Franko the merchant came to my door and offer goodies for my trash. The only thing I really want is his backpack that can hold all that stuff.

  14. The begining of a new run with Yu in This War of Mine.

    The last one is a fail so lets start a fresh page in this episode. Hopefully this run will be better because people keep saying third time is the charm.....

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    Bad Life Choices with Yu in This War of Mine.

    Some of the worst life choices are being made in this video, come watch what happen when those choices are made.
  16. Learning the Basics in This War of Mine with Yu

    Learning the basics with Yu in This War of Mine. Lets make every scavenge trips count boys and girls.
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    First Youtube Run with Yu in This War of Mine

    After playing this games a couple of times, I think it is a very good games to share on my youtube channel. Come and watch me make poor decisions in order to win.....

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    The End in Cities: Skyline with Yu

    It is time to leave ClutchLand! I have made my money and my fame, it is time to take those and leave. It is a good run boys and girls...

    Thank you...
  19. Million dollars space elevator in Cities Skyline with Yu

    Are we really going to use this to go to space? Who cares, its the people's money. Come join us at admiring this expensive building being useful to science....

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    Lumberyard district in Cities Skyline with Yu

    It is time for some deforestation in Clutchland. The brand new district will provide furniture and paper to the local communities. At the very least we will grow the trees back.

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