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    by Published on 04-17-2011 07:34 PM
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    Well boys and girls, we have our first promo video uploaded!

    Channel Name: zdaddycsf
    Title: Nobody Wants to See your Hot Dog
    Description: Promotional video for the forum, featuring an animation made with GoAnimate and clips from several forum members' videos. Thank you to the members Bazzaman, Goroccus, Domtriga, and Zerocharisma for allowing us to feature their videos! Credits have been given in the video and in the video description on Youtube.

    Published on 01-15-2011 12:28 AM
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    CyberStars YouTube Forums is for anyone who has started down that road of exposing themselves to the world on the internet!

    Oh come on, you know what we mean- putting your talents, knowledge, skills, or ideas out there in cyberspace to share with others.

    While our primary focus is on YouTube, we also welcome people who use the many other sites which exist today, such as Vimeo, Twitch, Ustream, etc.

    Whether you've yet to upload your first video, or already have thousands of fans, CyberStars YouTube & Twitch Forums is a place where you can:
    • Promote your YouTube or Twitch Channels!
    • Discuss strategies on increasing your recognition & popularity!
    • Learn techniques to improve your filmmaking skills!
    • Get ideas for new videos!
    • Run polls or hold contests for your fans!
    • Just hang out and talk about YouTube & Twitch!
    Click on the button at the top to head straight into our forum section. Everyone's goals are different- some just want to share their stories with a few friends, while others want to be the biggest kid on the block.

    Some are in it for the fame, some for the money, and some just for the love of it. What does it take to get noticed? What can you do to increase your chances?

    Join our community and share your thoughts. And someday, with enough hard work... and a little luck... you might become...

    A CyberStar!
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