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How to start your Youtube channel

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Here is my first post on this blog and I want to say first of all that I am happy to join this community and wish good luck for all bloggers ! In my opinion, this thread is very important, because at this moment Youtube becomes more and more popular and a lot of people are interested how to start and develop effectively personal Youtube channel. Of course, this channel give you possibility to express your thoughts, ideas and creativity, but also can be your business and bring you income. In this article I would like to give a few recommendations, how to start your career on video website.

1. Choose your niche

Of course, in the first place you need to choose specialization of your channel in the way that it will interested for you and your viewers and subscribers. If you want to get a lot of attention, videos about plumbing, detail repairing or manufacturing of printed circuit boards will hardly attract many people. Here is a list of some popular types of Youtube channels:

- Videos about beauty, health and cosmetics
- Art: music clips, guitar tutorials, video lessons about painting, lectures on art, music covers, etc.
- Online languages lessons (very good niche, if you can speak foreign language), video like “new word of the day / history of the word”
- Test and review of new gadgets, tech, devices and hardware
- Let’s plays and video games
- Comic videos, fails, humorous channels

Pay attention to this article, if you want know more details about Youtube channel starting.

2.Make a high-quality video recording

This etape are quite difficult, because you need to buy a good gear for video recording and find someone (or maybe, you will do it yourself) who can do a cool video editing and montage. Try not to shoot video on your smartphone. It would be better if you buy good portrait camera with high quality resolution. Here is a list of good list of best software for photo editing.

3. Think about what you are saying

For high-quality video you will need skills of rhetoric and ability to pronounce words clearly. And of course don’t forget about your look. Sometimes, the presenter and author of video channel is a main element attracting viewers.

This three advices are the most important steps you need to do. If you want learn more about Youtube development, check this article:

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