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  • Video of the Week Comeback!!!

    From next week onwards VOTW will be back on a weekly basis.

    Anyone wishing to put forward their video must ensure it is posted in either this forum or a PM to me (preferably post it in the forum).

    A date on the videos you post would be great if you can, just to make it easier to keep track. Appreciate it

    As previously, I will be putting up the results every sunday, starting next sunday (Feb 26th 2012)

    Good luck with future videos/posts, and any queries be sure to contact me or other cyberstar staff members.

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    1. swabhav's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by superbeing45 View Post
      check this out yo...
      suberb amazing unbelievable tricks and tricks.
    1. swabhav's Avatar
      I posted this today and I took a lot of time to edit! I'm the first one to comment this Year in this section, would that ever make me valid for this video of the week? I'm only wondering hahaha. Have a good one man, if you see this that would be amazing .
    1. Cybernetic_'s Avatar please sub i post vids daily
    1. Cybernetic_'s Avatar hey plz check out my channel plz comment on vids and sub
    1. Manly Man's Avatar
      Come watch this really funny Video!
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