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  • Welcome to the CyberStars Arcade Forum

    This is where you can talk about the CyberStars Arcade and the flash games we feature there.

    You might ask, "why does a youtube forum have a games arcade"? Well I have a better question- Why the heck not?? All forums should have a games arcade to pass the time in when you're just looking for a little simple game to play.

    We have the luxury of having a member, PenguinNerd, who runs his own Playstation Gaming website,, where he reviews new playstation games and records video walkthru/reviews.

    PenguinNerd has volunteered to moderate the arcade forum and bring new games into the arcade, and review them.

    As we grow larger and more people are playing games, he'll start organizing tournaments in the more popular games.

    If you have any questions about the Arcade, or have a suggestion for a flash game for us to install, post it here.

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