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  1. new video

  2. fairtrade

    anyone want to trade subscribtions/likes get in contact and we can help get each other notices

  3. Hey

    hi people of cyberstars.

    not entirely sure what a blog is but oh well. to those people out there who have by some miracle stumbled upon this message:

    please check out my videos. the link to my channel is at the bottom. comment/rate/subscribe if u have the chance.

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  4. you really hahave you ever seen a rooster this good at soccer....must watch

  5. Is my video funny?!

  6. Structure - Emmm what?

    Do you remember back in preschool, the teacher would tell you that a story always needed 3 things:
    • Start
    • Middle
    • End
    Then as you got a little bit older it was
    • Set the Scene
    • Introduce the characters
    • Have your conflict
    • Round it off
    Then you got......
    It did just go on and on.
    I donít think people understand the same about YouTube videos.
    At the end of the day, a video is a piece of media. All media, or more importantly all good media , obeys a set number of rules. ...
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