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  1. Awkward moment...

  2. New social networking site

  3. Need Help Getting Better

    Hello, People I have a channel that I want to make is a Gaming channel but I need some constructive Criticism. Any help will be gladly appreciated. If you like the video why not subscribe it would really mean a lot to me thanks

  4. Check out my Channel

  5. hot montage

  6. please check out youtube channel XD

    please take the time to check out my youtube channel and also comment rate and subscribe oooo and also share please much appreciated im new to all this so yeahh would be a big help x
  7. Votw

    I am now in charge of viedo of the week (woo)

    anyone with videos they think deserving of a shot be sure to PM them to me or sumbit them.

    thanks guys
  8. new video

  9. fairtrade

    anyone want to trade subscribtions/likes get in contact and we can help get each other notices

  10. Hey

    hi people of cyberstars.

    not entirely sure what a blog is but oh well. to those people out there who have by some miracle stumbled upon this message:

    please check out my videos. the link to my channel is at the bottom. comment/rate/subscribe if u have the chance.

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  11. you really hahave you ever seen a rooster this good at soccer....must watch

  12. Is my video funny?!

  13. Structure - Emmm what?

    Do you remember back in preschool, the teacher would tell you that a story always needed 3 things:
    • Start
    • Middle
    • End
    Then as you got a little bit older it was
    • Set the Scene
    • Introduce the characters
    • Have your conflict
    • Round it off
    Then you got......
    It did just go on and on.
    I donít think people understand the same about YouTube videos.
    At the end of the day, a video is a piece of media. All media, or more importantly all good media , obeys a set number of rules. ...
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