View Full Version : CyberStars Personal Channel Forum FAQ

03-16-2011, 12:17 AM
Q. What is a Personal Channel Forum (PCF) for?
A. For any online content creator (Youtube, Vimeo, Ustream, etc) who has a large following & wants a place to interact with them in a more robust manner than the simple 'comments' functionality of Youtube allows. You can discuss your videos or other online content with your fans, take polls, run contests, share attachments, images, etc. You can embed your videos & subscription buttons directly into your forum messages, or provide links to them or to youtube channels and other websites. A forum provides archiving, searching, categorizing, and just a better overall organization for discussions than Youtube itself provides.

Another good candidate for a PCF is a group of channels or youtubers who regularly interact or collaborate with one another. You can set up a forum for your group collaboration discussions- this is a much more effective mechanism for group communications than emails and channel comments. A forum also allows everyone to build more of a personality, with the ability to use avatars, emoticons, and signature images in your messages.

Q. How large of a following do I need to have PCF?
A. It should be large enough that you'll have at least a few members or fans to carry on regular discussions & conversations with you and with each other.

Q. How do my fans sign up?
A. They register for CyberStars just like anyone else. Once they've confirmed their registration, they can then go into their control panel and join your Channel Team Group.

Q. Do they have to join my Channel Team Group?
A. No- a Channel Team Group is just a way to communicate with all of your members at once by sending a PM. They will be able to read and post in your forum just by registering as members of CyberStars forums.

Q. What if someone is behaving badly and I don't want them to post in my forum?
A. As the moderator, you have the ability to prevent them from posting or delete or edit their posts. If their infraction is severe, you should report them and we can take appropriate measures if necessary.

Q. Can other CyberStars members participate in my PCF?
A. Absolutely! One of the advantages of having your discussion forum here is that other people will stop in and interact with you & your fans and possibly become fans of yours as well! However, you can also set up a private section within your PCF that only you and people you specify have access to.

Q. Is there any charge for this?
A. No. There is no cost for anyone to use CyberStars or to have a PCF.

Q. Sounds great! How do I get started?
A. Send us an email or a PM indicating your interest to have a PCF on CyberStars. Tell us what you want the forum name & description to be. We will create the subforum and set up your Channel Team Group for your forum. We can also customize the look for you with color schemes or images to match your channel.