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11-18-2012, 03:00 PM
Hey guys, it's CraigsBeenHere.
I'd just like to let you know about my channel on youtube. I have many different types of videos on there, and I'm sure there's something for everyone on it. Including a series that run throughout most of my videos, is my cloning. Here's a small description:

It's me Craig, and for once it's his good side. Luckily. Ever since Craig stepped into that stupid cloning machine, everything went wrong. It went into danger mode, and when he stepped out there was no longer "Craig". He was split in half, into his good side and his bad side. And guess what? I'm his good side. I turn up in plenty of his videos but sadly so does his bad side. I hate him Ugh.

Oh Shut up goody two shoes! Just let me have some spotlight.

Go check me out on youtube. A link to my channel is here:

Here's one of the first video that features this effect.


Bye guys. Go check it out. Subscribe, Like, and comment.

Oh shut up!