View Full Version : Names Jerry, YouTuber since 2006

11-04-2012, 09:19 PM
Hey everyone! So I've always loved forum sites...it's actually how I got my start online...haven't been apart of one for a while. Thought I'd give it a shot again.

Anyways, my name's Jerry, 20 years old, YouTuber. I've been making videos since like 2006, and absolutely love every part of it. Whether it's recording, editing, uploading or talking to my viewers...I love it all!

I'd say my favorite part would be the people I meet online. I love the community. Granted, YouTube has changed over the last couple years...and the "tight community" feel has just about faded away (one of the reasons I joined this forum).

So, my videos. I'm into anything technology, so I started out making video tutorials, unboxing videos, product reviews...and now I'm doing a combination of it all plus a "tech news of the week" segment.

I have a contract with Maker Studios on 2 of my 4 accounts (would be 3...but still working on it).

My YouTube work has brought me many opportunities, for example I was asked to audition for a spot for a YouTube studio as a show host and producer...got the position and am now a host and producer for a new show of theirs (keeping the studio on the DL till episodes release).

So here are my channels:
VvCompHelpvV (over 48,700 subs)
VvPhonevV (over 4,000 subs)
erryGames (Over 1,200 subs)
VvAnimatorvV (over 650 subs)