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09-20-2012, 06:19 AM
Good Morning/Afternoon cyberstar community,

Hello fellow youtubers, i am here to promote my brand new Sports Gaming youtube channel. I have only just begun, and yesterday posted my first ever video! I am here to tell you what you can expect from my channel in the future, but also to ask you to check out my first video and to let me know what you think!

So, let's get right into it. The content i will be bringing, will be strictly sports games only, so first person shooters, adventure games and things like that are not included. The following games are the ones i will be covering on my channel.

FIFA (Starting with FIFA 13, this will be my primary game)
MLB (Starting with MLB 12' The show)
NHL (Starting with NHL 13)
NBA (Starting with NBA 2K13)
WWE (Starting with WWE '13)

Now, i might be covering Madden in the future, but that's unlikely. Now, i will go over all the series that i will be making in the near future for every game.

FIFA 13 Career Mode - Road to N/A
Very self explanatory. I will be starting a Career Mode on professional difficulty, but i will be naming it 'The Road to 'Which ever club's stadium'. So, for my first version, i will be starting with a lower league team, e.g. Coventry City. The series would be named: 'The Road to Old Trafford'. So basically, i will be doing my best to become a good enough manager to eventually manage Man United and complete a season or two with them. I think this will be a fun and interesting series!

FIFA 13 Co-Op H2H Seasons - 'N/A Only'
A new feature added to FIFA 13, Co-Op H2H seasons. So, myself and a good friend will be playing together, on the same console, online agains't other users. This should be a fun mode, but i have added a challenging twist. Our first season i can reveal is La Liga Only. So, if i get enough subscribers, after each episode, i will ask the viewers to comment in the comments section which 'La Liga' team they want me to use next episode. It could even be the worst team in the league. This is something i think many will enjoy!

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team - 'The Ultimate 'Nationality/League' Team'
Again, a very interesting idea. I'm not the best when it comes to Ultimate Team, i am no professional with trading and all that, but i have a decent amount of knowledge of the game. So, with the title idea, i will be trying to create the Ulimtate Team with a nationality or league involved. So, it could be The Ultimate German Team, or the Ultimate Bundesliga Team.

MLB '12 The Show' - 'My Franchise' - 'Club Franchise'
With MLB, i will be doing a Franchise Mode series. I will be taking a random club, which ever i decide on the day to the top. I will play multiple seasons, with a bit of simming, and win the world series if possible. This is something many baseball fans will enjoy, as it's just like following your team on TV, except on youtube!

MLB '12 The Show - Road to the Show - Ft. Player Name - Road to Dodgertown
I do have a player name in mind, but the title says it all. You have probably noticed that im a fan of the Dodgers by now, and again, i will be using a stadium/location as my goal. Starting with a pitcher or batter in the triple A minors, i will take my player through multiple seasons, hoping to become a LA Dodger starter! This should be a lot of fun, and lots of interactivity can be involved.

NHL 13 - My GM Mode - Let's Go 'Club'
This time around, it's franchise mode/gm mode, in NHL!! It's time to have some fun on the ice and take which ever club i use to the stanley cup! I will play multiple seasons and if im fired or even if i win the cup in the first season, i will keep going! like in real life!

NHL 13 - My Player - Road to the 'Stadium'
That same idea, this time it will be the NHL. I have alrady decided i will be trying to take my player to the Staples Center, so as per usual, my goal will be to take my player through the NHL to eventually become a player for the LA Kings.

NBA 2K13 - My Franchise/Season - The trio of doom!
I will be taking the Los Angeles Lakers through multiple seasons, with the new trio of doom: Steve Nash, Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant. Hopefully becoming the NBA champions in the process.

NBA 2K13 - My Player - Road to the Staples Center
Pretty much like NHL, i will be taking my basketballer on the road to the Staples Center, this time, to try and get a starting role in the LA Lakers Franchise. We will see how far i can go in becoming the leagues M.V.P.

WWE '13 - My Universe - The Attitude Era transition!
With WWE '13, my main mode will be WWE Universe Mode. I will make an Attitude Era superstars only Universe. In a unique way, i will go in order of years. I will start in 1998, as most new arena's are included in that year. Then if we head to 1999, there are only a select few arena's for that year, but now with create a stage, i can make some good ppv events to adjust to that year. Then 2000, 2001, and then the beauty of Create a stage, means that i can just import the 2002 RAW arena and the Smackdown fist arena to the game. Then the next year, 03, i can change Raws arena to the spike TV one etc...

Then as time moves on, come 2006/07, i can switch it up to the first RAW HD stage, eventually moving to the modern day RAW SuperShow, and then the newest RAW stage that went 3 hours. I will update rosters along the way, so when i hit 2002, i can lets say add John Cena's Dr of thug version to smackdown, thus making the rosters realistic. Then when time moves on, adding superstars at the right time. Thus making for a realistic universe. This i think will be a must watch for WWE fans!

WWE '13 - Attitude Era Mode - Let's Play
As we all know, Road to Wrestlemania was replaced by the new WWE Attitude Era mode, where we re-create history with new dynamic cut-scenes and animations as well as new attires and the chance to unlock new items for other modes. I will be walking everyone through the mode, as i record all the cut-scenes/matches. This is a must watch for those who have trouble at certain points of the mode! but it should be straight forward!

Well, so far, that's it guys! I won't be starting any of these series until October, since my Elgato Game Capture HD doesn't arrive until late next week and NBA isn't out until the start of October and WWE '13 at the end of October. But, i did download the FIFA 13 demo on PC, so i will be bringing out FIFA 13 demo videos for the next two weeks!

If you could, id love it if you would check out my first ever video, channel background and all that. The video can be viewed here;

This is an welcome video, with FIFA 13 Demo gameplay in the background.

Thankyou for having the patience and time to read this overview of my channel, as im trying my best to get started. I will be making my room setup soon, so i will be really putting a big effort into this!

Thankyou! - Feedback appreciated!