View Full Version : Check Out My Channel! Particularly My Most Recent One! I Spend F**king ages on 'em :)

09-15-2012, 08:48 PM
Heeeeeey viewers :D basically i plan on editing videos as a living when im old enough (I'm 15 now) and well i spend aaaages putting them together lol and i would make more but i simply dont get the support and need and i barely have any motivation as a result. rarely do i get comments congratulating me on my "skills" (if you think so :P) and so plz show a bit of support i mean give an honest opinion if you think its shit ill improve or if you say its great i will still improve and bear in mind im more for the editing and filming part of film production i dont really do such brilliant scripts or anything but im working on it and getting a larger cast too so plz like, comment and subscribe :D


P.s. watch a few beacause they are all very different and dont watch the unboxing ones cos they are not what i want to get noticed for. watch thee mugging one! :)