View Full Version : Lets play awesome game!!!

12-12-2011, 11:59 AM
I just found an app on FB which seems to be cool.I am too lazy to write how to play on it so i will copy/paste direct from the game :

''Start off by uploading a video of you doing or not doing something awesome or outrageous. The selected group of people participating in the bet will decide if you will eventually do the thing or bluffing. The video will be played after a predetermined time, in the mean time all the bets are placed, and when the time is up the verdict will be out, and everyone will now if you are a bad liar or the ultimate Crook King. Every week each participant will get $100 worth of chips and each time you participate as a crook you will receive $25 worth of chips per upload. All videos will be categorised, all participants have to bet $5 on one video, and winners will double their bet. You will be rated according to your performance and the leaders in the leader board will get more free chips to play. So all that is left is to get recording, start lying, start winning, and get HOOKED.''

With 2 words u just upload ur own funny vid in which u state a question,than u can post it here,so we can play against ur vid.My vid is here
So lets see if i am better liar than you :))