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06-27-2014, 03:16 PM
Hello YouTubers!,

My name is Nick and Iím the CEO of Purity Network. Iím scouting for talent to join us, we have no real requirements apart from you do not have copyright material, make good videos and have a minimum of 500 views. Check out a few of our highlighted network perks below:

-No lock in contracts:
This means you are free to leave whenever you want providing you give us a 30 days notice.

100% Transparency:
We enable revenue visibility in your YouTube channel and nothing is hidden.

No Minimum payout:
If you earn $1, we pay you $1.

100% Channel Ownership:
You own your channel content, we will never tell you how to run it.
Partnership Minecraft Server:
We have a 24/7 minecraft server, dedicated to all our partners. Each partner gets access to it for free.

Free Graphics:
if you want any channel art done for your channel this is provided free of charge.
Gamer Sponsorship:
We can work with you and our gaming sponsor to try and get you sponsored

Copyright free media:
We offer a huge range of music and videos that every one of our partners is allowed to use

We offer support to our partners:
We have specially trained staff who can help you with any issues you may have.

If you are interested in a Partnership with us, then please click this link: http://purity-network.net/ to read about our partnership in detail: partnership.purity-network.net if you like the partnership follow the link at the end of the post to become a partner, it seriously takes 2 mins to complete.

Kind Regards,


(CEO Of Purity Network)
Skype: iceblitzyt
Email: nick@purity-network.net